Monday, November 21, 2022

Dumpster Fire Update...

Here's an interesting piece from a guy who just suspended their ad buys at Twitter despite initial hopefulness when Elon bought the place:
I had my team keep our campaigns live for 2 weeks post-takeover on the bet that efficiency would improve with fewer advertisers and the risks were managed and probably overblown. I was wrong and I think the things we saw in these last 2 weeks means many more advertisers will bail on the platform in the coming weeks (for non-ideological or virtue signaling reasons)...
Click the link to read the horror story.

That's one ad account. To replace that lost revenue will require nearly a hundred thousand new Eight Buck Chumps to pay for vanity blue checks.

Someone did some back-of-of-the-envelope calculations and figured that to replace half of their multi-billion dollar advertising revenue with $8/month subscription fees, Twitter would need TWENTY MILLION paid up annual subscribers.

That's two thirds of AOL's paid global subscribers from the couple of years around the turn of the millennium when they bestrode the (much smaller) Web like a colossus. And you needed to to pay an ISP to send an email or look at porn; I doubt you'll find that many people who'll pay that kind of dough to tell fart jokes and share cat pictures.