Monday, November 07, 2022

Getting Gooder

There's an excellent review of the Technical Handgun: Tests and Standards* class from Citizens Defense Research up over at GAT Daily:
Test and Standards is a relatively high round count (for 2022 standards (pun fully intended)) two day course of approximately 500-700 rounds that focuses on purely technical pistol shooting skills. The course and the instructors cover every aspect of making a pistol shot, from the time the pistol is first drawn through the end of a string of shooting. All shooting is done either at three or five yards, and students deliberately shoot at smaller targets such as one inch squares or two inch circles. However, the biggest aspect about this course and perhaps the reason to take it is the fact that there are few open enrollment courses that offer the level of individualized feedback and evaluation from the instructors that Tests and Standards provides. The instructors filter through the entire group of students and take notes on every individual. Afterward, students will go through a series of one on one coaching and evaluation that includes a “diagnosis” to their shooting ills and the “prescription” to improve whatever pistol malady they may suffer from. Students are encouraged to focus on this throughout the remainder of the class.
You should go and read the whole thing.

*Most curricula at CDR start with "Contextual", indicating that they're oriented toward a particular practical real world application. Technical Handgun: Tests and Standards, on the other hand, is a purely mechanical shooting course, oriented on getting the student being able to run their pistol faster and more accurately. Of course, that in itself might have a practical application of its own.