Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Freeze Peach

Here in the 'States you get people complaining about their freedom of speech being violated because Twitter won't let them use the n-word so they have to go to Parler or wherever to type their racial slurs.

Meanwhile in Fiji, a place where there are no First Amendment protections...
It was an error that could have happened to anyone, especially two years into a pandemic: In a court document, a judge in Fiji twice wrote “injection” when he meant “injunction.”

And so, in a gently mocking Facebook post back in February, Richard Naidu, one of the most senior lawyers in the Pacific nation, pointed out the mistake, concluding with a “thinking face” emoji. He now faces up to six months in prison.
The government throwing you in prison for calling out a judge's spelling errors in a Facebook post is pretty draconian. 

That's not a response to incitement or libel or a threat of violence, it's just a heavy-handed overreaction to the non-crime of lèse-majesté.