Saturday, November 19, 2022


Looking in the fridge this morning I realized I was running low on Diet Dew and the assorted non-caffeinated stuff I try and drink after noon in the hopes of getting my sleep schedule back to a semblance of normal.

Not a problem. Living in the middle of the city means same-day Amazon delivery. I remember when two-day delivery seemed magical; now I'm spoiled by two hour delivery for staples.

No need to even drive the short distance to Safeway or Meijer; I'll just cue up an order for a week's worth of soda for the free delivery...

The soonest delivery slot was tomorrow at 3PM.


How quickly we can get accustomed to conveniences. I'll have to pick up a couple emergency Cokes on the way home from lunch when I stop by Fresh Market to get potatoes for the larder.

Amazon delivery has obviously been running at varying degrees of short-handedness for the last couple years, and we're ramping into the holiday season madness, so I probably should have expected this.