Monday, November 21, 2022


I avoided my normal weekend haunts yesterday around brunch time because Fat Dan's Chicago Style Deli was likely to be a zoo, what with the Bears and the Colts both having games at 1PM and the weather being too cold for outdoor seating.

Instead I went and had brunch at Half Liter: Brisket & jalapeƱo queso over home fries with scrambled eggs & crumbled bacon.

While I was reading and noshing on my chow, they switched away from the FIFA World Cup on the televisors there in the dining room to the Colts game.

I didn't really pay any attention initially because who wants to watch your home team, which has been struggling all season, get blown out by the likely Super Bowl contenders who are sporting one of the best records in the league?

Instead, a couple hours later I was still watching. The Colts blew their lead and wound up losing in the final quarter, but the fact that the game was in contention at all had me tickled pink.