Sunday, November 27, 2022

Authentic Frontier Gibberish

Look, there's carrying a revolver because you realize that a revolver is going to suffice for the vast majority of private citizen defensive gun usage, and then there's this hot mess...
"The Pistoleer is a faithful reproduction of a design more than a couple hundred years old. Long after the plastic guns of the world are melted into what looks like primordial ooze and technology fails, people like you and me will be slinging this kind of gun on those Swamp Thing creatures emerging from the fallout. When we pull the trigger, this gun will go bang and large lead pills will protect us. This makes the Pistoleer the smartest gun a person can own."
That kind of gunwriting makes me want to break out the special coffee mug. It's like the writer was trying to work in as many classic cliches as possible.