Friday, January 13, 2023

Brain Worms

I've gone on before about how much I like my EOS-1N. It's the second-to-last pro film camera from Canon and has the same control layout as my digital EOS-1 cameras and uses the same lenses. Used ones are cheap (starting out just under three hundo at BezosMart)...especially considering they went for over sixteen hundred bucks new in '94, so $3200 in today's dollars...because film shooters would rather have metal, mechanical cameras with lots of knobs and dials rather than a sophisticated photojournalist's pro camera with buttons and auto-everything.


I was reading a review on the camera recently and someone in comments at the blogger's site wrote this:
"These days, using one of these in public makes you look like a member of the MSM. I suppose it would be ok if you live in a more bobo or liberal community, but if you live in a more conservative small town, you may get challenged."
"MSM"? "Bobo"? For real?

Dude, if the culture war has so eaten your brain that you're running around the internet telling people not to use a certain camera because it might make them look like a member of the eeeeevil mainstream media, you need to get off social media, delete your Facebook account, and go outside and touch some frickin' grass, man. Maybe talk to some real people about normie, real people topics, like sports or the weather. The brain worms have gotten to you.