Monday, January 02, 2023

You's Trollin'!

We've known that Trump was infatuated with the movie Sunset Boulevard for years now, since before he was president, in fact. It was generally an inside baseball factoid to people who'd been watching him get needled since the Spy magazine days, although his reference to it after the 2020 Oscar ceremony made it more public knowledge (and started the inevitable Norma Desmond jokes, especially post-November.)

But when Olivia Nuzzi made his fascination with the flick the armature around which she wound a New York magazine piece, the former POTUS overreacted with his usual pique.

When a lolcow overreacts publicly on social media, that's just chum in the water for trolls, and the Sunset Boulevard-based trolling commenced with a vengeance...

Jeezis at this point he is getting his face trolled off by people hoping to get a good outburst out of him on his low-budget Twitter clone.