Thursday, January 19, 2023

Six-Shooter Size Comparison

On the left, a Taurus 327, and on the right, a S&W 432PD, both in Dark Star Gear Apollo holsters. Both are .32 caliber six-shooters, although the slightly larger Taurus is all-steel and chambered in .327 Federal Magnum, while the smaller Smith is an alloy-framed Airweight .32 H&R Magnum wearing CTC LaserGrips.

The 327 shares frame and cylinder dimensions with the 856, meaning it has a 1.42" diameter cylinder, which puts it between the 1.31" J-frame and the 1.45" K-frame*. These are close enough that the HKS 32-J speedloader for the Smith can be pressed into service with the Taurus with anything short of flat-meplat 100gr semiwadcutters or full wadcutter .32 Longs.  (Although for carry I prefer speed strips.)

The difference in weight isn’t as great as you’d think, but with 95-100gr .32 H&R Mag LSWC loads, the Taurus is noticeably more controllable. I don’t know that I’d enjoy shooting an Airweight Smith J-frame in .327 Federal.

EDIT: As has been pointed out via email and on FB, the 32-K from HKS is actually the size Taurus recommends for the 327. And this is true. The 32-J is slightly small and not ideal…but I have half a dozen of the things on hand.

*Nerds will note that these are rounded to the nearest hundredth. It's too early in the morning to squint any harder than that at my analog RCBS dial caliper.