Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Shadow Band or the Teal Deer?

The recently implemented counter shows that Twitter engagements are down, reports one writer.
I didn’t reach 42,000 people by tweeting my article. I reached less than 3,000 people. And that has been pretty consistent. Unless I write something spicy that gets a lot of retweets, the view-counter tells me I’m reaching 2,000-3,000 people.

Here’s my post from earlier this week. 2,203 views.
What's interesting here is that this dude is a stock liberal college prof who moonlights in journalism. I thought Twitter was only shadowbanning conservative people who talk about guns and some guy in Florida who thinks calling hisself "catturd" is the height of wit?

It's like when gun bloggers complain about falling engagement and their first argument is "Big Tech is suppressing my pro-RKBA blog!" No, my dude, it's just that an increasing number of people don't read blogs...or anything, actually...anymore. 

The decline in blog readership is broadly the same at photography blogs as it is at firearms blogs. The exodus away from Twitter had begun long before it turned into the latest active front in the kulturkampf, and it's because we're in a world where 280 characters exceeds some folks tl;dr limit.

What's the latest TikTok dance?