Friday, January 13, 2023

Unqualified Opinions

So the neckbearded influencer dude is claiming that Taurus groveled apologetically and were like "Oh, sorry! Totally our fault, man!" (Which, I mean, they may have done, if only to get him to stop pestering them. It's kind of the job of the folks who work Customer Service to calm people down.) There are even stans out white knighting for him in the comments on Instagram and elsewhere using this as proof that Beardy McBeardson Did Nothing Wrong.

I guess the Customer Service people were too polite to point out that he shouldn't have just tossed the instruction manual aside during his little unboxing video and started blasting, because if he'd read it as far as Page 22, he could have avoided beclowning himself and briefly becoming the gunternet's Main Character.

Double action revolvers are firearms that were popular duty weapons when garages had timing lights and drug stores had tube testers. If you're going to use one heavily, you've got to know which screwdriver gets used for what and when to brush off the front of the cylinder and under the star and what a Dejammer is used for. You can't just glop more lube on every thousand rounds or so and change recoil springs after every five cases of ammo like it's a Glock.