Monday, January 30, 2023

Local Sportiness

Apparently a bit of excitement happened up on Broad Ripple Avenue in the middle of the night...
A Sunday morning incident in Broad Ripple prompted a police chase that ended in a crash and a suspect being shot by police later in the afternoon, IMPD said.

According to IMPD, officers responded to the 100 block of Broad Ripple Avenue, near Broad Ripple Park, around 3 a.m. for a report of shots fired. A woman told officers she was involved a dispute with the father of her child, who she said fired at least one shot, hitting her car as she drove away.

The incident started at 0300 with dude taking a shot at his ex girlfriend's car at "A" on the map.

Cops went looking for him and found him at a gas station at "B" on the map, down by the Fairgrounds. If any of y'all have been to the Indy 1500 gun show, it's the BP station right across the street.

Dude took off north on Fall Creek Parkway, which turns into Binford Boulevard there where it crosses Keystone, and wrecked out into an innocent bystander's car at the intersection of Kessler & Binford, "C" on the map.

He unassed his wrecked vehicle, and decided to blaze away. The cops dumped him with return fire, rendered first aid, and he got whisked off the the hospital where he's in critical condition at this writing.

Dude had two Glocks. Both had 'stendos. The Gen5 G45 with what looks like maybe a Klarus on it fell out of the car there at the wreck site.

The compact he blazed away at the po-po with had a cheap clear 'stendo...note it's broken, either from the fall or possible from getting shot...and a slide cover plate selector switch.