Saturday, January 07, 2023

Wheelgun Renaissance?

"It has been interesting watching the popularity curve of revolvers—at least the ones used for concealed carry—over the last several decades.

When I first started putting curious nose-prints on the glass of gun-store counters as a teen in the mid-1980s, revolvers were still the preferred sidearm of American law enforcement. Furthermore, if not a majority, then certainly a healthy percentage of private citizens who looked to handguns for personal protection both in and out of the home eyed semi-automatics with a bit of skepticism. The term “jam-o-matic” was still actually in wide use, believe it or not, even as its applicability dwindled to nothing.

It’s hard to believe that by the turn of the millennium, a mere 15 years or so later, semi-autos had so thoroughly replaced revolvers. Certainly by the early 2000s, the use of revolvers for carry duty had largely dwindled to the specialized realms of big magnums carried in the woods—where four-legged threats were as much or more of a worry than two-legged ones—and lightweight snubbies carried in pocket, purse or ankle holsters, often as a backup gun.

There’s been something of a renewed interest in revolvers as primary carry guns over recent years, however, probably driven by a number of factors...
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