Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blog Stuff: ...and Bikes.

Well, I had lots of stuff I wanted to type about, but it's rapidly warming into a sunny day out there.

I think I'll hop on the Zephyr and take the long way to work. Typing can wait 'til tonight. :)


Anonymous said...

I think I hate you. I'm waiting for the temperature to hit 32 so I can try to chisel some ice off my driveway. The bike will be parked for a couple more months.

Zendo Deb said...

The last I was paying attention to bikes, you had one for sale, were on the verge of buying another.... but that was before the holidays.

How does all of that stand?

Anonymous said...

Sunshine? You've got sunshine?

Twenty-five straight days of rain, here.

Got a buddy who got a Guzzi for Christmas and hasn't hardly gotten out to ride it yet.

Hope your ride was good.


Tam said...

Zendo Deb,

This bike is the little Kawasaki Zephyr (the successor to HappyHappyFunBike). I sold Lardassio (the VF1000 Interceptor) and am currently working on buying a little 400cc Honda to use as a play bike, thereby releasing the Zephyr for commuting chores.


The northern part of the American South has some of the most changeable winter weather in the nation. It was in the thirties, windy, and rainy on Monday. It was almost seventy, sunny, and calm today. They're calling for an inch or more of snow Saturday morning. Outside of July/August, we never get twenty-five straight days of anything.