Monday, January 30, 2006

Blog Stuff: I lurve my car CD changer...

Now playing at the Beemer Ampitheater:

Disc 1: Front 242, 00:00:02:42
Disc 2: Robert Plant, Now and Zen
Disc 3: Van Halen, Best Of Volume I
Disc 4: Urge Overkill, Exit the Dragon
Disc 5: New Order, Republic
Disc 6: Moby, I Like To Score

A good mix thus far. It's not hard to find something to help me get my Game Face on on the ride to work, depressurize on the drive home, or provide good driving music on my day off.

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Cutter said...

Republic is a good album. I used to have that one, but a friend borrowed it and totaled his car with it in his deck. The CD is now in the center of a 3’x3’x3’ cube.

I’ve always liked that Sister Havana song from Urge Overkill, but I’ve never heard any of their other stuff. Any recommendations on a good disc to buy from them?