Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Politics: Oy, vey! It's the Alitothon... which all our media will be clogged with minutiae as moral paragons like Ted Kennedy and Constitutional authorities like Dianne Feinstein grill Alito, inquiring into his ethics and seeing if he stayed awake in American Government 111 back in the eleventh grade.

It's enough to make one a tiny bit cynical.

Oh, well, it could always be worse. According to a blurb from a Washington Post article posted over at SayUncle, he doesn't seem to think the phrase "Klaatu Verata Nikt..." er, "Commerce Clause" is a magical incantation that Congress can use to summon eldritch powers without offering up at least a feeble attempt at a rational explanation.

Also, this time around, no American parent has had to explain to their child, during the dinner hour, what a pubic hair is, and why a Coke can is an unlikely place to find one. Yet.

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