Monday, January 23, 2006

Boomsticks: "Mounted Exercise With The Pistol."

One of the neater items in my collection is an old copy of "FM 23-35, Basic Field Manual, Automatic Pistol Caliber .45 M1911 And M1911A1." Mine was originally the property of one Ensign Dellert, of Naval Construction Battalion No. 104.

The coolest part of the book? That would be Chapter 4: "Marksmanship, Known-Distance Targets, Mounted." Where else is one to learn that 'mounted men should never under any circumstances use both hands on the reins when the pistol is drawn?'

I have so far been unsuccessful in convincing the neighbors to let me make use of the hayburners in their pasture to practice these drills...

(Incidentally, on 2/15/45, Ensign Dellert was given a letter from the skipper of LST 571 authorizing him to own "this Japanese rifle", which is kind of a cool artifact to go with my Type 99 Arisaka. Sadly, his descendents fighting in the current unpleasantness will never be granted a similar letter authorizing possession of trophies from their vanquished foes.)


NotClauswitz said...

I've been trying to convince some of my dirt-bike buddies to do this during one of our trips up to Idaho, a moto-biathlon. Pistols or carbines, 25 or 200 yards, I don't care.

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

I wonder how many cavalry mounts died from friendly fire during training? "Yum, horse meat for din din--again."