Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Politics: The New Barbarians.

In the days when trolls haunted the forests of Northern Europe and people were sacrificed to appease capricious deities, weapons were often ceremonially "killed" and thrown into bogs or meres. Nobody's really sure why this was done, as the Bronze Age folk left no written records, but theories abound. Even well into the Middle Ages, a murder weapon might be "executed" just like the murderer was.

Then came the Enlightenment, and with the dawn of the Age of Reason, such nonsense disappeared. Rational people understood the difference between criminals and inanimate objects; that it was the demons in a man's mind, not in his tools, that drove him to violence and murder.

With the children of the Age of Aquarius running the show now, however, the light has apparently gone out of the Enlightenment. Once again we can ease the troubled mutterings of our demon-haunted minds by killing the tool, and letting the killer go free in ten to fifteen with time off for good behavior.

Maybe Ms. DeCambra can find a good bog in which to toss the chunks of that Ruger.

(Hat Tip to Countertop.)

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of letting killers go free, I see that the Turks are letting the Pope's unsuccessful assasin go. This is a guy who did kill someone in Turkey and tried to kill another. I'm shaking my head as I write this.