Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blog Stuff: Best Gunblogs.

The 2006 Bloggies rolled around, and despite having categories for Best Food Blog, Best Entertainment Blog, Best Craft Blog, Best Teen Blog, Best Tech Blog, Best Blog Blog, and Best Frog Blog, there was (yet again) no category for Best Gun Blog, what with guns being so terribly politically incorrect and all. (If they're so unpopular, why are they all over the Blogosphere?)

Countertop has single-handedly undertaken the herculean task of correcting this omission with the 2006 Gunnies (and the funniest disclaimer I've read in years.)

Here's your chance to hand out mad props to Jeff for tirelessly tracking the bias, Zendo Deb for her heartwarming tales of bad guys getting their just desserts, Xavier for his gun safety education efforts, Gullyborg for ringmastering the Carnival of Cordite, and Oleg for his 1337 photography ski11z. Go vote.

(BTW: It may be just me, but I think he should have called the awards "The Snubbies". ;) )


Countertop said...

The Snubbies.

I like that. As this is a work in progress, I might have to change the title.

And I pretty liberally lifted the disclaimer from Glenn Reynolds (don't want to take credit for it)

Xavier said...

I like the snubbies too! Great name Tam!