Friday, January 20, 2006

Politics: Props to Google.

Any time someone tells the .gov to mind its own business, it gives me a warm and squishy feeling inside. It was, therefore, a pretty squishy moment when I read that Google had told the Feds to go piss up a rope.

Anybody with two functioning neurons to rub together knows that strange things gets typed into search engine text boxes all the time. Check your own computer if you have 'auto complete' turned on in your browser; the cascade of bizarre words you've typed into search engines in just the last week or so will probably surprise even you. I mean, who hasn't typed "Osama's Mama" or "Nekkid midgets yelling 'Verboten!'" into the Google box, just to see what turns up? (Really? Just me? Anyway...)

So now some pencil-pusher at the DOJ thinks that Google's search records are a valuable investigative tool for... for... well, something, I guess. Mostly I think that the records'll show that people type weird stuff when they mix Jack Daniels and a keyboard at three in the morning.

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