Sunday, January 08, 2006

Boomsticks: Gratuitous Gun Pr0n No. 18

A very Texian revolver...

The above is a S&W Model 544, better known as the The Texas Wagon Train Commemorative. 4,782 were made in 1986 in honor of the Texas Sesquicentennial. (The knife is a Marzitelli Airstream.)

It's a blue steel, square-butt N-frame with a five inch tube and adjustable sights. It shipped in a basswood presentation case, had special markings, and was the only .44-40 revolver from S&W made since 1940. For those of you with Type 03 FFL's, it's on the C&R list.

I took mine with me on my vacation to Terlingua back in the Summer of '03, where it was used to bust rocks at 100 yards (a relaxing pastime.) Factory ammo in .44-40 is still loaded by Winchester, although it's spendy. Georgia Arms offers a more reasonably-priced loading, but it's probably only available by mail order if you live outside the Southeast.

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Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

I've seen a few of those resting unfired in their boxes. It is heartening to see you're putting one to use. I still had a FFL when they came out originally. I was tempted to get one and didn't--one of those stupid decisions I've made.

One can get the 200-grain lead Ultramax ammo around here for about $20 per box. The Winchester 200 grain SPs--$41.00 via mail order.

Good thing I have a Dillon press.