Friday, January 06, 2006

Miscellaneous Rambling...

The tactical world has stolen a page from the upscale women's clothing world...

On the back of a package of Blackhawk brand "tactical gloves" is a handy-dandy glove sizing template. It runs from "Medium" to "XXL". Apparently, the Blackhawk kind of guy doesn't have small hands.

Or if he does, he calls them "Medium".


Anonymous said...

Awhile back my dad drove up to a fast-food window and asked for a small soda.

"We don't sell small drinks. Is medium okay?"

Dad, being himself, had to be sure that the disembodied voice meant what it said. "Let me get this straight. Medium is your smallest drink?"

"Yes it is."

"Is large your biggest drink?"

"No, our biggest drink is the biggie/supersize/jumbo/ginormous 44 ouncer."

"So you have medium, large, and extra-large? But no small?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay, please get me the soda that would be called small if your organization weren't being run by idiots."


Tam said...


Never met your dad, but I like him already. :)

Mauser*Girl said...

That is something that has simply pissed me off for years.

I have small hands and small feet. As a result, I can never find a decent pair of gloves at clothing sales (or even in the sports section at Wal Mart) or a decent pair of boots unless I special order them.

I asked at Wal Mart about gloves and was told, "There's no demand for small sizes because there aren't a lot of women shooters / hunters."

Clothing sales stocks size Small, but they're even a bit big on me.

Anonymous said...

And I have big, meaty, hamfisted, hands. Them there one-size-fits-all gloves never do.