Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blog Stuff: Born To Lose.

Countertop has the first round of polling for the 2006 Gunnies up.

I even got nominated for a category: Best Gun Pr0n.

Now, I'm fairly proud of the gun pictures on my blog. I try hard to eschew the standard, blurry, flash-illuminated 2D stuff normally associated with gun pics on blogs; I work to the best of my limited abilities and tools at composition, lighting, focus and backdrop. Every gun picture on my blog was selected from five to ten shots of the same layout. I even use a camera formerly owned by Oleg Volk.

Unfortunately for my chances, Oleg's up as a nominee in the same category.

Go vote for him; I did. :)


rodrigo said...

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Xavier said...

I know what you mean Tam! I voted for him too.

Countertop said...

So far, in the early rounds, the Gun Pr0n voting isn't even close. Oleg is just dominating the category.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Oleg is inevitably going to come up top.

His gun pr0n is like the Victoria's Secret Catalog of firearm photographs. Classy, stylish, and it makes you think, "I'll bet that gun would look good on me." My wife's gorgeous, but if Oleg took some shots of her holding any kind of gun, that gun would be the one every girl would want in their purse. Even if it's a Tiawanese knock-off of a Chinese clone of Russian reverse engineed copy of a French pistol.

In comparison, I'd say Tam's gun pr0n is like a Maxim layout. Pretty good, OK lighting, good clarity... functional.

Most gun-store online pics, however, are like Swank. Straight up "Tab A goes into Slot B" explicitness, shocking lighting, faux-wood panelling background with an ugly guy with braidable back-hair in the frame for no good reason.

Anonymous said...

View from the Porch would be my choice for "most educational".

None of the others caused me to burn H.G. Wells "Outline of History" on 35CD's for a remedial history lesson.

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

Ditto: No. 1 for "Most Educational"--I like the book reviews and history lessons. I tune in every day more than once.

Tam, you ought to be generating cash for your writing and research work.

Capitalism, Bebé!

Dwight Brown said...
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Dwight Brown said...

" View from the Porch would be my choice for "most educational"."

I'd vote for VftP for "most expensive blog to read", too. Thanks to Tam, I've started developing a taste for Smith and Wesson revolvers. Sadly, I didn't see any 544's at the gun show this weekend...

Cowboy Blob said...

Oh, yeah! The thrill of having been nominated was quickly replaced by the old nightmare of showing up--in my underwear-- to take a test I hadn't studied for-- when I saw who else was in the running. Some of the other categories have blogs I may have read only once or twice...ever; the Gun Pr0nners get visited twice a day, at least!