Monday, January 09, 2006

Books: Callahan's again.

Just wrapped up Callahan's Key, in which our favorite band of barflies move to Key West, get joined by Bob Heinlein's cat and an obscene parrot, stow a toddler away on the space shuttle, buy an ex-nudist colony, get telepathic, and help Nikola Tesla save, not just the world this time, but the whole universe.

Like I said before, a Callahan's book is like going to the zoo; either you're happy to see the giraffes again, or you're not. And I like giraffes. :)


Anonymous said...

I never quite trust anyone who doesn't like the Callahan's books.


Anonymous said...

I loved the early Callahan novels and short stories. I think I got as far as Callahan's Legacy before I stopped reading them. The later ones just didn't have the same magic for me.

Hmmm. Time to dig Time Travelers Strictly Cash out of it's hiding place.