Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blog Stuff: Thanks, y'all!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody. It was a good 'un. :)

I started off with a morning trip to the book store that left my wallet a lump of smoldering wreckage, followed by a yummy lunch at The Chop House,

(Waiter: "...and to eat?"

Tam: "The 16-ounce prime rib, please."

Waiter: "How would you like that cooked?"

Tam: "I wouldn't, but if the health board makes you do it anyway, I want to look at that steak and feel confident that a good vet could resuscitate it."

Waiter: "And for your side item?"

Tam: "A loaded baked potato."

Waiter: "Salad dressing?"

Tam: "Skip the salad; I don't want to take up any valuable steak room with stuff that food eats."

Waiter: "Hold off on the bread too, then?"

Tam: "Yeah, I think so."

Waiter: "Probably a good idea, that's a big cut of prime rib.")

...and then home for a nap.

Later in the evening, a good friend came by and took me out to dinner, which made for a nice ending to the day. As birthdays go, t'weren't bad at all. :)


Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

It is gratifying to hear you haven't consumed that "about the size of a deck of playing cards" serving of overcooked-beef tripe the PETA-brainwashed health experts recommend. Lettuce salads are loaded with vitamin K, which makes one's blood clot more.

Lettuce is the silent killer. Eat less lettuce and you'll live long enough to see the Social Security trust fund isn't real. :;

Anonymous said...

Darn! Belated Happy Birthday, Tam!

I once knew a guy who ate only salads. Dropped dead at age 24. The autopsy showed his left ventricle stuffed solid with lettuce leaves. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my birthday dinner; giant ribeye that was still mooing as I cut into it, a bottle of Guinness, and a loaded potato. Not real good for my heart, but WTF, we only go around once...

Josh said...

Not good for the heart? I'd like to think that a huge slab of prime rib, a potato and a couple pints that makes me happy is better for me than a salad, which makes my inner child throw temper tantrums and start sabotaging crucial inner clockwork.

Besides, vegetables are bad for you. Its something we're born knowing, but it's beaten out of us at an early age.

Happy belated birthday, Tam.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Y'know, I just *had* to go to the chop house link, and I just *had* to download the menu, and now I just *have* to replace this keyboard because I've filled it with drool....

Anonymous said...

I love the Chop House. Their steaks always taste excellent.