Monday, February 20, 2006

For my male readership...

To use an ancient Tomb Raider gag, "Hey, nice polygons!"

(I still say her neck is just freaky long.)

Y'know, I still have the "sneak preview demo" disc of the original game around here someplace. It was from Computer Gaming, or one of those rags. Just think, the kids who first played that game in high school are now in their mid-20s. ...and I need a Geritol.


GoRon@THR said...

Who needs Lara Croft when we have Tamara?
The lack of provocative pics is made up for by provocative prose.

Fairlane64 said...

I remember playing the first Tomb Raider game... it was alright but I was more of a Wolfenstien 3D, DOOM, Quake kinda guy, so the gameplay just wasn't that interesting. In the first game the "girls" looked like a couple of pyramids sticking out from her polygon body. hehe
Anyway, bunch of pictures here of the new Laura if your interested:

BryanP said...

She has a neck?


Uh. Yeah. Freaky neck. Right.

Anonymous said...

Pull all your hair back and out of the way, cant your shoulders at 45 deg, wear a harness and pulls down that muscle by the neck a little.

Presto wierd neck.

My only problem is that Miss Croft doesn't look very english to me - neither did Angelina though.
Nice looking woman though.

Jeremy Nimmo said...

And the demo? It's here.

Zendo Deb said...

oh please, don't go thinking your old...

I remember playing the first Pong game, and the first Pac Man. And I can remember when arcades had only pinball - there were no video games

And yes I did walk to school through the snow (uphill, both ways!)

(Her neck is a bit long)