Friday, February 17, 2006

"Climate" is what you expect, "weather" is what you get.

So, this time last week we were all nattering about the mighty approaching winter storm. Last Sunday morning I posted a picture of the snow falling in my front yard.

Yesterday, I rode the Zephyr to work under sunny skies with temperatures in the low 70s. Last night I sat on the porch and enjoyed a book with temperatures still in the balmy low 60s 'til midnight.

They're calling for "wintry mix" tonight and tomorrow.

The Southeast doesn't actually have a winter "climate", and as far as the weather goes, if you don't like what you've got today, wait a day or so; it'll change.


BobG said...

Sounds wonderful; I shoveled a foot of snow yesterday, and this morning the thermometer read 14 F when I got up...

pax said...

My pipes froze this morning.

Two inches of ice in the cow's water tank.

Can I come live with you?

Tam said...

It's supposed to get down to 19 tonight here and we've got an inch of slushy crap on the ground. Are you sure you want to?

(OTOH, it's supposed to be in the mid-50s by Tuesday. Go figure...)