Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blatant Capitalism: I don't get it... it the snow, or what?

I mean, we don't sell milk or bread, but the last time I jogged a gun back to gunsmithing, the lot was full, there were cars parked in all the little "non-spaces" at the end of rows, and there were like five or six cars parked on the grass.

The joint is jumpin'.

"Quick, Martha! There's a 30% chance of snow! Let's get bread and milk, then go buy a gun and get snowed in at the indoor range!"

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, just baffled.


Les Jones said...

Ah ha! So besides meteorologists, wheat farmers, and the American Dairy Council, we can add gun stores to the Grand Snow Lie Conspiracy. ;-)

Formerflyer said...

Back when I was in the firearms industry at the retail level, we’d go into high gear any time the weather turned icy or snowy. We figured it from three primary causes:
All the construction guys had the day off,
all the outdoors-minded folks would shop rather than go out, and
everybody’s nesting instincts would be kicked into gear. For some nesting means buying eggs, milk, bread & TP. For others that means preparing to defend the nest.

On the other hand, on the first bright sunny day after a week or so of bad weather, we’d send about half the staff home. YMMV.

Justin said...

Gun folk care about snow? News to me.

Whenever I'd show up to the range in my Jetta I'd be the only car in the lot -- everybody else had an SUV or a truck. I've since sold the Jetta and now own a Jeep.

I got a shotgun and a rifle and a four wheel drive... seems to be the the thinking of most gun folk I know.