Monday, February 27, 2006

Boomsticks: PentagonLight product eval in progress.

The SureFire M500 on Project Housegun was a rilly, rilly good weapon light, but I have gotten so used to using a vertical foregrip or gripping the front of the magwell with my support hand that it was awkward for me to use the membrane switch on it.

What I really wanted was an M900, but I just couldn't swing the shekels for one right now. We've been selling the PentagonLight MS2's at work, which are rugged little units with an A.R.M.S. throw-lever mount, so I figured I'd give one of those a wringing out while I waited for the cash to accumulate for the M900 of my dreams.

Selling the M500 and adding a SureFire M73 rail setup and a GG&G foregrip lets me use the 5.56 carbine the same way as the 9mm trainer. This is a good thing.

I'll rustle up some PMC Green and wait 'til I can try it on a dark range and let y'all know how the MS2 stacks up against both the M500 it replaced and the Viking Tactical/Surefire G2 setup on the 9mm.

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