Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boomsticks: I gotcher Road Rage right here.

There's been a lot of road-rage-related nattering in the gunblog universe lately. Anyway...

Yesterday was beautiful here in East Tennessee, if a bit cold. I was grooving out to some Moby tunes on the drive to work, and as I wheeled into the parking lot, who should I notice pulling in right behind me but my pal Marko, aka "Kindergarten Cop". He pulled the Munchkin Hauler into the spot right behind my car, and so I grabbed my purse, threw the towel off the object in the passenger seat and, grabbing said object, hopped out to greet he and Quinn.

"Whoa!" yelled Marko "Now there's your soccer mom road rage nightmare right there!"

What had I grabbed from the passenger seat and exited the vehicle holding?


Hey, I gotta get it to and from work somehow, and if I'm not making any stops or going through any drive-throughs on the way, then it's a lot easier to put it in the passenger seat with a towel for a burka than it is to get it in and out of the trunk.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this yet Tam?

Sig 556 announced- available this year:

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

Having fun at work again, I see. How does the plastic waffle mag work for you?

Nylarthotep said...

Wish I could carry such in the car on the commute. If I pulled something like that out in the work parking lot I'd probably have the Massachusetts bureau of Homeland security on me.

I wouldn't dare anyway. Seeing as I'm a resident of NH, I'd probably be crucifyed for it. Or I'd be arrested for gun trafficing.

Sigh. Wish I could find a job in NH that pays like this.

Nice toy in anycase. Must be a lot of fun.

Alpineman, RN said...

Dang ... snookered into looking at more online gun pr0n again .... Now I feel all dirty (in a good way). I didn't think I liked multi-colored rifles (I like mine all black and eeeeevil), but that's growing on me. I suppose that's one of the ARs hanging in the shop labeled "not for sale"?

Cowboy Blob said...

Coolness! I just got mine back from the gunsmith last week. After he fixed the extractor, the smith sez the Pro Mags work great, but my others kinda suck. I'll have to wait until Natchez has them again.

Anonymous said...

According to the fashion pundits, 9mil is in this spring for the discriminating young ladies.

Anonymous said...

Road Rage didn't seem to happen when folks had Rifles & Shotguns displayed in gun racks and shovels in the bed of trucks...

Armed Commuters are a Polite Bunch.