Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Boomsticks: Gratuitous Gun Pr0n No. 21

(...or, more accurately, gratuitous holster pr0n No. 1.)

Faithful readers may recollect me ordering a Milt Sparks holster for my SIGarms GSR back in November. A pistol that groovy deserves to be toted, and the frame rail and weird slide contour pretty much guarantees that it won't fit in a standard 1911 holster. Apparently, the folks out in Boise actually had to go out and track down a gun to use for the mold and so, after a 12-week wait, my holster showed up on the UPS truck Monday.

Black sharkskin trim. Yum.


Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

Tony K. and crew are still doing some beautiful work. I've never been disappointed with a Milt Sparks rig--the quality hasn't decreased one notch since Mr. Sparks' passing.

Josh said...

Thats a great looking holster! Only thing I see wrong with it is that they accidentally built it for a southpaw so I can't use it. ;)

Tam said...

That's a right-handed IWB.

Josh said...

Then it's perfect! (and I'm blind)