Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gear Ho': Good, Better, Goodest...

The EOTech sight comes with two attachment options: an allen-head screw, which is good, and a thumbscrew, which is even better.

It is, however, pretty much impossible to get anything close to "return to zero" with a screw mount. "I think I torqued it down, oh, about yea much last time..." just doesn't deliver the repeatability needed.

Enter GG&G's Accu-Cam throw-lever mount. Easy enough to install for even a ten-thumbed klutz like me (installation time was <5 minutes thanks to clear and concise instructions,) it gives rock-solid lockup, and what appears to be (at least out to 25 yards) return to zero repeatability. Groovy.

I was almost as bad with the Accu-cam as I was with my self-assembled lower: "Look! You just throw the lever and it pops off! Then you throw the lever and it locks on! Look! It locks up to the rail all solid and stuff and I put it on all by myself! Look!"

Yay, me. :)


Anonymous said...

Careful. voids part of the EOTech warranty.


Tam said...

Indeed it does. So will the battery latch I'll be installing.

If I thought the warranty was going to be something I'd use often, I wouldn't have plunked down the bucks for the sight; near-RTZ on/off was more important to me. Everything in life's a gamble. :)