Saturday, February 04, 2006

Test... Test...

Just checking to see if this post gets devoured by Blogger like my last four have been.


Xavier said...'s there.

Paul Simer said...

Are comments getting eaten too?

I posted a request to use your recent View From The Porch picture tomorrow at my church, but when it disappeared I worried that I might have somehow offended you. :)

So uh, can I? Can I?

*Really hopes he's not being annoying...*

Anonymous said...

Your other posts (at least 2) showed up in my feed but not on the page. Here's the text if you like:

A hazard of having moved out of the inner city...

By Tam

...and dwelling in whitebread suburban America is that it becomes too easy to view the Other Side and their reductio ad absurdum moral relativism as some chimerical beastie that doesn't exist outside of Rush "Hydrocodone Boy" Limbaugh's Triple-Bypass Burger-fuelled nightmares. If one never visited Democratic Underground, one might never be aware of their existance, except for the fact that they have keyboards, too.

I'm reminded of the time that a well-meaning friend pointed out that yeah, Germany did some bad things in WWII, but that the USA had internment camps, too. I had to blink a half-dozen times before I could point out that, while the interning of the Nisei was a monstrous evil, at least they could exit their camps via the gate, rather than the chimney, and that that was a fairly important difference.

The very fact that we are hand-wringing over this stuff says something about that ol' stock-footage bogeyman, Post-Enlightenment Western Culture.

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Politics: Tammy Bruce, where have you been all my life?

By Tam

Well, I don't mean it in that way, but seriously, how did I manage to keep from picking her up on my radar for all these years?

I went to Borders today to spend some birthday ducats and, having turned up bupkis in my usual aisles, wandered over to the PoliSci section. I remembered Zendo Deb having mentioned Ms. Bruce a few times, so I took a stab at her book The New American Revolution .

Anybody who can say the following gets my hard-earned reading dollars in the future:

It just doesn't seem as if there are too many special-interest groups for openly gay, pro-choice, pro-death-penalty feminists with Ronald Reagan as their hero and a gun named Snuffy in the night table.

It's a pretty good read thus far. :)


Tam said...


"So uh, can I? Can I?"

Sure! :)


You are a lifesaver! Thanks!