Sunday, February 26, 2006

A question:

Would somebody please, please, please explain to me the difference between figure skating and "ice dancing"? I mean, what the hell...?

And what's up with this "curling" thing? Are they planning on adding shuffleboard to the summer games? Look, this is a sport so incomprehensible and dull that the only time it can be described as "exciting" is when a spectator gets nekkid.


sm said...

Ice Skating:
Skinny folks , with bad hairdos, and too tight funky clothes, wearing baby walking shoes - stretched to fit, with metal blades they balance on.

Ice Dancing :
Same as above except these folks do not represent Countries.

Ice Stepping and Fetching :
What this Southern Boy did trying to make it back out to his truck with two cases of shotgun shells in arms on a icy parking lot wearing tennis shoes.

I lost points when I did the "one footed slide into truck " -

I made up some points on having both cases land upright, no tipping over, and no sliding into truck bed.

That person I watched trying to make it to his vehicle with a shopping buggy ...buggy made it to vehicle, he broke contact with buggy about midway out, and ended up getting real familar with a light pole, just a hugging and carrying on...would not let go of that pole...downright... is not supposed to do some things in public.

At least I nailed the "double tump".



Anonymous said...

Curling is (other than ice hockey and possibly short track speed skating) probably the most fun event to watch in the winter olympics. Every four years I curse at NBC (or whoever's showing it) for wasting time with curling, and each time I end up watching it and remembering how it works. There's a ton of strategy (there's probably an event with more in the olympics, but I can't think of one) and it actually gets pretty exciting.

Figure skating, however, is a vile, vile thing. Heck, they even have a non-competition event where the winners show off.


Anonymous said...

Ice Dancing: Some of the guys are straight.

Ice Skating: 'nuf said

Mulliga said...

"Ice Dancing" is more like ballroom dancing on ice. Keeping time with the music, proper form, etc.

IMHO they should drop all the events that require subjective judging. Way too much misconduct.