Monday, February 27, 2006

Groovy new T-shirts in at work...

So, we got our new t-shirts in at the Armory. In addition to the triple lightning bolt logo on the front, the back has the "Automatics For The People" slogan, and a skull, and crossed M-16's.

My suggestions for adding an Ace of Spades, an 8 ball, a pair of dice, and, like, maybe a snake or something were not heeded, however. Oh, well.

They're still pretty cool.

In other t-shirt news, my downstairs neighbor reported that his cashier at that noted bastion of pinko-ism, Borders, was wearing one of our Evil Empire t-shirts. Heh. Another sign of global domination. :)


Ben said...

Photo please!

Anonymous said...

I picked up an Vltor stock there on Thursday and Alston gave me one of those. Not a fan of the skull but otherwise I like it.


Zendo Deb said...

possible to order via net or phone?

Tam said...



Tell 'em Tamara sent you. :)