Sunday, September 03, 2006

Books: EFAD.

I'm re-reading Matt Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic to get myself back up to speed on background while patiently waiting for Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista to arrive from Amazon. EFAD is an interesting read, and I'm naturally sympathetic to the heroine, what with her being a motorcycle-riding shooter and all. I remember someone asking Matt if he'd based the Ranya character on me. He replied by saying that he'd written the book before crossing electronic paths with me, but knowing I existed made him feel better about the plausibility of the character he'd written. :)


B&N said...

I'm about 200 pages into DE, and similar to the first book, it is slowly developing, but still a good read.

Hope you enjoy.

Art Eatman said...

I enjoyed DE, although about halfway through it the notion of "Perils of Pauline" crossed my mind. :)

One thing for sure, the ideas and rhetoric of the Bad Guys is right out of the public utterances of Aztlan, La Raza and MeCha.

B&N said...


I noticed the same thing.

It was as if Matt Bracken was watching CNN while he was writing some of the dialogue. Come to think of it, that's probably what he did.

Some of it's just a little too disconcerting, however. The degree of indoctrination that he describes hits a little too close to home, and it happens often, especially with the "self-hating white sympathizers"

Hoping some of the story line picks up, the setup is long, but I'm confident it's necessary.

shooter said...

Finished the book a week ago and loved it. It flows seamlessly from the last one and sets things up for the next. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Hmm, have not read that one, but as a motorcycle riding, gun shooting woman, I will have to check it out. ;-p

I cannot claim the level of enthusiasm Tam demonstrates. I did not ever work in a gun shop, though I basically lived in one for a while. My husband made a living out of gunsmithing and selling guns out of the house back when the ATF let you do that. We are well on our way to being part owners of a motorcycle dealership too.
Not sure if I would have taken these hobbies up to the extent I did without Hunter's (yep his real name) enthusiasm for them. Glad I did.


Bob R. said...

"... but knowing I existed made him feel better about the plausibility of the character he'd written."

Tam, knowing you exist just plain makes me feel better. The plausibility of Matt's characters just doesn't enter into it.