Sunday, September 24, 2006

Politics: Fallout.

A mosque in Melbourne Florida got shot up yesterday as the Moslem holy month of Ramadan began. Police allegedly found the shooter's hiding spot, complete with binoculars and footprints, including one set that "resembled cowboy boots."

The words "hate crime" have already been trotted out, making the utterer of those words look like a complete moron. Of course it was a hate crime; the shooter probably hated muslims in the same way that the guys who flew those planes into the WTC or set off their TNT Underoos in crowded bazaars hate infidels. Thing is, the more hate crimes that one side commits, the more hate crimes they are going to generate in return; if there was another terrorist attack on this soil comparable in magnitude to 9/11, there will be hate crimes that make a little gunfire at a mosque look like a friendly "Howdy, neighbour!" There are people still alive who have been in lynch mobs before, and wouldn't hesitate to join one again.

This is monstrous and wrong, but it is very much a part of human nature, and our foes, who have convinced themselves that they are fighting a culture of spineless cowards and degenerates, need to remember that. People, no matter how decent, no matter how cowardly, no matter how self-righteous, can only be pushed so far before the killer ape at all our cores gets exposed, and in this game of tit-for-tat hate crimes, the other guys would do well to recollect that the biggest IED's on the planet are parked in concrete-lined holes in the ground in the American midwest, all ready to be used in the biggest hate crime of all.


3yellowdogs said...

I, um, hate the concept of 'hate crimes'. The idea that someone who burns a church or synagogue should go to jail for a longer period of time if he's a racist instead of just a pyromaniac is morally repugnant.

We already have enough laws, thank you very much, to cover this type of thing. Assault, arson and murder carry stiff penalties as the statutes are written. The conception and enactment of hate crimes laws have been a job program for DA's and federal prosecutors and only serve to make granola devotees feel better about themselves.

BobG said...

Excellent post; not only am I worried about the next attack by terrorists, but I also fear for the innocents who could get caught in a backlash. There were a lot of Japanese-Americans who could attest to the repurcussions of Pearl Harbor on people who were guilty only of a common ethnic background. The repercussions of a terrorist attack on America could end up with a lot of people who are guilty only of Mediterranean features, or wearing a turban, such as the Sikhs.

Anonymous said...

I know some ignorant people that hate sikhs now because of 9/11.

No matter what I say they think all "ragheads" are the same.

Recent sociological studies have suggested that lynchings and vigilante backlash however misdirected, serves to squelch poor behavior of the targeted group.

I don't advocate these crimes by any means, but they are to be expected with the fear and uncertainty in our society after 9/11

Bob Hawkins said...

The current war on terror is not being fought to save American civilization. It is being fought to save Arab civilization. To be precise, to straighten them out before they do something that will force us to destroy them.

mikieminnow said...

"Hate" crime = thought crime. 3yellowdogs has it spot on in that crime is crime.

phlegmfatale said...

Yup. Some crimes are more criminal than others.