Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Boomsticks: Coals to Newcastle...

UK cops broke up a smuggling operation that was running guns into England. "Hundreds" of guns were seized from a home in the London suburb of Dartford including, allegedly, fully automatic weapons. The heat in Ol' Blighty doesn't apparently go in for the meejia-photo-op "Junk On The Bunk" display, so it'll be hard for me to work up a full fit of snark, but from the one postage-stamp photo I've seen it looks like the smuggling ring managed to clean out the budget long gun racks at a pawn shop or three.

A gentleman with the impressive title of "Detective Chief Superintendant" breathlessly pointed out that "live ammunition was found lying on the floor." Shocking. Hope he never sees my closet. Anyhow, I couldn't help but note the irony of where the other end of the gun-running pipeline was plugged in: New Jersey. That's right, the state where you need official police permission to buy a Daisy Red Ryder.

Just another shining example of how strict gun laws work so well.


Lizard said...

If one thinks the purpose of gun laws is to reduce violent crime, they surely work poorly. Of course, you don't think this, as you've got a brain. Much like drug laws, the purpose of gun laws is to increase the power of the state, and in that, they work very well indeed.

B&N said...

Step 1) Gun control laws get passed.

Step 2) Criminal possession of such increases, thus demand for firearms goes up.

(in steps this nasty notion, known by economists as Keynes' law, regarding demand)

Step 3) Void in firearms market, however illegal it may be, is filled by those who don't care about laws, since, ya know, they can pretty much charge whatever they want, and make much cash by doing it. Duh!

Step 4)Number of firearms, and correspondingly, the number of crimes which are committed with guns goes up.

My only question is this, do these retards expect that it will go any other way?

Ed Buckby said...

Classic. Utterly classic.

Mark said...

I love the fact that the place they raided was actually a gun dealer.

He had guns?

Just imagine that. How about if animators had computers all over the place!

*looks around*

Aww, shit. Here comes no-knock Ned.

S&W 24 said...

the pic looked like my old reloading room before I cleaned it out. I think I'll watch the movie "snatch" again this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about New Jersey is that i didn't have to pay any sales tax on the gun safe. That saved me a little over $100.. money applied to the next firearm purchase.