Thursday, September 07, 2006

Politics: Why Suzy can't dunk.

The Australian government recently spent a wad of money on figuring out why women's sports weren't more popular in generally sports-mad Oz.

A few thousand taxpayer dollars later, they located two culprits:

1.) Spandex.
2.) A lack of burkhas.

I can kinda understand the spandex thing; there have been times in my life when I'd have been less than enthusiastic about donning bike shorts just to play a game. Point two leaves me stumped, however.
"It would be great to see sports clubs look at their dress codes, for teenager girls, but especially for young women of the muslim faith. There's anecdotal evidence that one reason why young muslim women don't play sport is they've got to wear short skirts."
No matter how hard I try, I'm having a difficult time envisioning a quick pickup game of hoops while wearing a chador...


Anonymous said...

What a crock.

" avoid them becoming body-conscious..."

I've got news for you; they're already "body-conscious". Having them hide behind baggy clothing might work for about 45 seconds or so, up until the 16 year old with the C cup chest and nice ass bounces by, less than "body-conscious", decked out in lycra.

Hey, the baggy option is fine, but it's absurd to think it's going to reduce by any tangible degree the insecurities of teenage girls.

"The report also recommended that the Australian government should provide grants of up to $3 million a year for three years to television stations to encourage them to show more women's sports."

My God, would hardly any women's sports exist without subsidies? And why does it say "Australian government" rather than "Australian taxpayers"?

Art Eatman said...

Maybe it was in "Molon Labe" that I read that to be a liberal is to be able to hold two contradictory thoughts at the same time. Seems to me that the burkha crowd is right in there.

1. Women are second-rate, incompetent, often evil and bad-nasty; temptresses.

2. Burkhamen must protect their women from the view of other men because the women are helpless.

3. Athletic costumes are bad because they'd raise body consciousness among women.

4. Athletic costumes are bad because they'd raise body consciousness among men.

Oops! That's some four notions that have some degree of contradictory thought.

My bad...

:), Art

Anonymous said...

New rule: Effective 1 January 2007 through 31 December 2007 everyone - all ages, every sport, every jurisdiction - plays every sport, organized or pick-up, completely naked. The only exception allowed is the minimum safety gear required to prevent permanent injury.

By 1 Jan 2008 everyone's attitude toward sports uniforms will be completely different.

For one year we will be able to replace decades in prison for felonies with a 30 day sentence refereeing seniors' shuffleboard matches.

BobG said...

Maybe there is a market out there for "athletic burkhas"?

Bob Hawkins said...

I guess this also explains why you can't get girls to try out for cheerleading.

lizard said...

Relevant to this and the prior article on computer use...why is it considered a terrible crisis if not enough people like something/do something? Maybe the reason that there's very Yugoslavian Midget Ballet Dancers is that Yugoslavian Midgets generally don't like ballet?

It's perhaps odd that in the name of 'diversity', what we get is conformity. Everyone has to like the same things, engage in the same pasttimes, pursue the same careers...or, by Ghod, there'll be an expensive government study to find out why not!

Anonymous said...

Political Correctness: The New Old School Catholicism

We will be sending missionaries out shortly to have awkward sex and kill you if you don't convert.

Jay G said...

I can't help but think the title would be better if it was "Why Sheila Can't Dunk".

But that's just me...

Pedro the Ignorant said...

If muslim girls played sport then their fathers or brothers would have to kill them to save the honour of the family.

Anonymous said...

lizard makes a Darn Good Point.

DirtCrashr said...

Do they have a Title IX there in AUS? Track clothes - skirts aren't the only option, and nobody athletic (besides Scots) wears them anyhow - are Muslims girls such a large percentage that they can inhibit everybody else?
In Hawaii, on Maui, we met a young Moslem couple on the beach, the wife wearing long track pants and a jersey as she fitted her mask and snorkle over a head-scarf. With al that on she went into the water to look at all the fishies.
God, I thought, what an incredible set of problems and difficulty they make life to be for themselves - no wonder they're so uptight and angry all the time, killing people over nothings.