Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jeff Cooper: 5/19/20-9/25/06

May he rest in peace.


1894C said...

The world has lost a great man, one of the good guys.

He will be missed.

Tennessee Budd said...

Rest in peace, Colonel. You'll live on in the knowledge you passed along.

Anonymous said...



Randy said...

If the history of combat pistolcraft is accurately recorded, Jeff Cooper will be acknowledged as the single most influential figure.

Tom said...

Isn't it a shame that when a great American like the Colonel passes on there's no fuss, no flags at half mast. You don't even know it by the lack of news. I remember the same thing happened when Carlos Hathcock died. I think there was some worthless congresscritter that was killed in a plane crash in the same timeframe. He got flags and obits. At least Texas got it right, when Johnny Cash passed on there was flags at half mast.