Sunday, September 17, 2006

Boomsticks: Sistema day!

Friday was pay day, which meant that the Argentine Sistema I had set back could be sprung from durance vile and brought home. This is the first time I've picked up a beater pistol for the express purpose of getting hands-on with it myself to learn more about the way the process works; I figure the more I know, the better a liaison between our customers and our gunsmiths I'll be.

Saturday I replaced all the pins and springs in the gun with an Ed Brown rebuild kit and a Wolff spring package. I also replaced the wretched grips and grip screws with a spare set of cocobolo slabs I had lying around, and then raided my spare parts box for a Dlask trigger and the thumb safety off a ParaOrd Limited I had lying about. I grabbed a box of Remington 185gr MC ammo and took the old beater out on the range and... quelle surprise! No malfunctions! Aren't these unmodified vintage 1911s supposed to be jammomatics? ;) Anyway...

Pics to follow, as well as running commentary as various experiments get tried on the piece.


Art Eatman said...

I picked up a Colt-made Sistema rebuild, 1934 manufacture.

Box-stock, it ran fine.

But, even the down-south-made versions should be a piece of cake to tweak and make good shooters.

:), Art

Xavier said...

I can hardly wait to see this one progress! Why not do a blog series on it? Now restore it to it's original splendor for the starting photos..........

B&N said...


Try this for sistema building:

Hit the "Progress" button on the left sidebar and navigate to his Sistema link at the top.

I thought it turned out rather well for shade tree gunsmithing.


Brian <> said...

I have a Sistema and the Receiver and everything was great, the slide sucked, So I got a plain Jane one and it needed a new barrel. I need to find a good barrel to put in mine.

What are you going to do with the old trigger????