Wednesday, September 06, 2006

News Flash: Internet full of white dudes.

Virtually all U.S. schools are connected to the Internet. The gaps in Internet usage between whites and minorities, though sizable, are smaller during the school day.

That's not the case at home.

A total of 54 percent of white students use the Internet at home, compared with 26 percent of Hispanic and 27 percent of black youngsters.

Well, duh.

See, as much as all of us way-cool bloggers would like to deny it, in the larger, relentlessly anti-intellectual scheme of American pop culture, having your nose pressed against a monitor by your own free will in your own free time is still considered a pretty geeky thing to do. And from this dudette's perspective, geekiness seems to be largely a white dude's domain, Urkel notwithstanding.

Hopefully, MySpace will continue to exist as a gateway to the internet for folks who actually got dates in high school and haven't memorized the titles of every Star Trek episode.


Lizard said...

No, no, Tamara, you don't understand. This means there must be a MASSIVE GOVERNMENT PROGRAM. It is essential that large amounts of tax dollars be spent addressing this problem...or, at the least, funding a bloated buerocracy which can employ an endless stream of Congresscritters in-laws, do-nothing cousins, and campaign workers in high-paying, work-free, jobs.

If you disagree, you are selfish/cruel/racist/etc.

Sheesh. You should know this by now.

(Maybe, though, we could just ram through a law which mandated a public flogging for anyone who says "I need to be more pacific", as opposed to "specific". Ugh!)

HollyB said...

Funny that Asian aren't mentioned in this study. Are they not considered a minority? Or are all Asian students considered geeks?

Lizard said...

Neither Asians nor Jews seem to count as "minorities" when discussing representation in technical fields. (Indeed, the discrimination AGAINST Asians when it comes to college admissions would cause riots if it were applied to any other ethnicity -- in the name of 'diversity', hard-working, intelligent, and productive Asian-Americans are being excluded from college campuses, esp. in California, because admitting all those who earned it would result in 'too many' Asians. Can you imagine a college administration declaring it had 'too many' blacks or hispanics?)

Lizard says: All college applicants should be identified only by a code number, without anything about their gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic heritage, or any 'clues' like zip code or county. Make all admissions based purely on the transcript, essays, or other proof of objective merit. Only after the student shows up on campus will anyone know his/her ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

We can fix this with a Fedeal law mandating a computer in every home along with high speed internet access. If you can't afford it.. one will be provided at no cost. Where will the money to pay for this come from.. the defense budget and increased personal taxes. A. Gore