Friday, September 08, 2006

Blog Stuff: Whatever generates the hits...

In just one upping-the-ante LawDog post (plus comments), you can get boobies, tits, and big, wet jugs!


I love it!


Anonymous said...


I found the jugs for Lawdog. I also discovered there is no safe way to search for a picture of a shaved feline.

But if you're the kind of swinger that likes a good three-way, I can help you out!

On the off-chance that I may be interested in public office in the future, I remain Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

It's real easy to find a pic of a shaved pussy

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's easy to find such a pic. The problem is finding one without the search page also popping up shaved things that you do not want to find.

Anonymous #1