Friday, September 22, 2006

Boomsticks: 1911 lingo...

In the gunsmithing shop at work, there's an elaborate patois that has sprung up around various 1911 bits and modifications. I used some of it on TFL and got blank stares in return, so I thought I'd offer up the following primer:

  1. "Series Stupid": Various fiddly bits added to the lockwork to keep the pistol from discharging should you drop it from seven feet up in such a way that it lands muzzle-first on concrete. Termed "Series 80" by Colt or "Series II" by Kimber.
  2. "The Jammer": Full-length guide rod.
  3. "Lesser Manglers": Forward cocking serrations.
  4. "Greater Mangler": Accessory rail.
  5. "Marshmallow Impersonating Metal": Metal Injection Molding, aka MIM.

Never let it be said that gunsmiths are timid about having opinions on various topics...


pdb said...

A-f'n-men on #2 and #3 especially. Is there anybody selling a good-to-go 1911 with the beavertail, ring hammer, and extended safety, that doesn't have that infernal full length guide rod?

Is it too much to ask to get a 1911 that does not require another wad 'o cash to remove the lawyer and get the thing to work right? I swear, it's almost enough to make me want to buy a Gl... a Gl... a Glo...

*sigh* I just can't bring myself to say it yet. But I think you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with the full-length guide rod, besides the need for tools for disassembly and the inability to rack one-handed?

Art Eatman said...

I hadn't heard the labels, but the reasons for them are ancient.

It's odd what folks nowadays think are "necessary" to be able to hit a locked-closet wall from inside.

Picture the scenario for the final Individual honors at the 1982 World Championships in South Africa for IPSC:

Three IPSC "heads" five yards out at 9, 12 and 3 o'clock. When the buzzer went off you had 1.5 seconds to draw and hit all three targets. Think about it.

The first two rounds were four-way ties. Ross Seyfried won on the fourth round.

This was definitely before race guns, thises, thatses and whatsits on a 1911.

Folks oughta settle for the necessaries, like a trigger job and decent sights. Bevelling the mag well and adding a better grip safety doesn't hurt, but they don't make folks shoot better. After they learn how to use the danged thing, then maybe they can "Go Gussie".


3yellowdogs said...

Kinda off topic, but just ran into this and wanted to make sure you'd seen it.

Don't know why it made me think of you.


Tam said...

"Don't know why it made me think of you."


A new tee shirt to wear on Tuesdays at work! :)

Mulliga said...

Is it even possible to buy a good 1911 nowadays? :P

Anonymous said...

I'll take my 1911 as God and John Browning intended it. :)

Art Eatman said...

Mulliga, find a beat-up, rusty old clunker. Rebuild to suit. You can buy stones, files, Dremel tool, how-to book, parts and pieces of your own specifications and still come out ahead of NIB.

Living as I do in a world of sticker shock--as do all of us Old Farts--I'm real serious about the do-it-yourself thing. :)

Although, it's not necessarily wise for those with the capability of destroying an anvil by use of a tack-hammer. Do not attempt this if it's a challenge to steer a wheelbarrow...

:), Art

bjbarron said...

Being the owner of a Kimber Stainless 10 Series II, I can agree whole heartedly. I'd be happy to trade it for a mil-spec plain vanilla Springer that rattles when you shake it.

The Kimber is too plastic, too delicate, too expensive, and too tight...and the freakin' thing had to go back to the factory cuz it was throwing doubles. At least Kimber did the trigger work for free (and quick).

db said...

Springfield XD

Best "condition one" gun on the planet.

Natural POA.

Easy take down.