Monday, September 25, 2006

Blog Stuff: Random stupidity, worldwide.

1)Hussein: "I have a demand. I am not going to be quiet."
If we can't shoot him, can we at least stuff a sock in his mouth?

2)Pope Benedict XVI expressed "total and profound respect for all Muslims"
All Muslims? Or just the ones not calling for your head on a plate?

3)Nephew of slain Afghani bureaucrat says "we had no personal emnity with anyone"
Well, except for all those knuckle-dragging troglodytes who were offended that your aunt was the head of the province's women's affairs department instead of being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

4)The nails involved in the incidents were more than three inches long and an 1-1/4 inches wide.
If this keeps up, crayons are going to become blocks of colored wax, six inches on a side. That's going to make staying inside the lines nearly impossible, and damage the self-esteem of generations to come.


Art Eatman said...

The pore ol' Pope now knows that any public statement concerning Moslems that is not sycophantic will be taken out of context and twisted to reflect badly against the speaker.

Any ensuing effort for clarification will be totally a waste of time and energy...

The "nails" were toy nails; representative, not realistic. Hasbro should have known better as should the parents; even age three isn't old enough for those sorts of small objects. Up to probably age four-ish to maybe five, if a kid CAN swallow a toy, he WILL swallow it--or try. It takes a lot of "No, don't" to raise a kid.

But you younguns remember yesterday, don't you?

:), Art

BobG said...

I think the pope ought to tell Islam to grow up and quit acting like a bunch of bad-tempered children. I'm not religious, and I think it's ridiculous the way he is bending over backwards to soothe their feelings. Dumbass thin-skinned people anyway...

(I think I need another cup of coffee; I seem a bit off today)

Dwight Brown said...

I haven't had a chance to pull it off the phone yet, but I have a spectacular CrapCam (tm) photo from yesterday.

The photo is of a sign: "ALLERGEN NOTICE. If you are allergic to peanuts, you will not be able to sample this product."

This sign was, of course, on a bowl of peanuts.

Anonymous said...

If the nails had been smaller, the kids could have just swallowed them down. It all comes out in the poop.


Lizard said...

Regarding the last...

The toy is for ages 'three and up'.

The parents allowed children younger than that to use the toy.

Hasbro is blameless; the parents should be in court on charges of child endangerment.

And, of course, the Onion says it best:

cleanhead said...

Hell, a plastic nail that big would prolly choke most grownups. Why doesn't the guvmint do something to prevent these greedy manufacturers from supplying hazardous producks to the consumer?

damaged justice said...

Ah, the nails...

When I briefly worked in a supermarket deli, I would often come in early. Sitting around waiting being one of my least favorite activities, it was not unusual for me to lend a hand before my shift actually started. Until the day when a supervisor walked by and nearly had a heart attack, immediately ordering me out of the area until I was punched in.

I went upstairs, confused and irritated, and sat down with a book. Some minutes later, the supervisor came in and started chewing me out. Her primary concern quickly became clear: That I would injure myself -- slicing meat, perhaps -- and sue the company.

I looked at her and, in a voice dripping with as much contempt as I could muster, inquired, "Just what kind of an asshole do you think I am?"

Her only response was to stammer, tell me not to do it again, and walk away. I followed her, and informed her in a more pleasant tone, that only a "fucking asshole" would sue anyone for something that was his own goddamn fault, and that Commie bullshit like that was precisely what was destroying America. To that, she had no response.