Sunday, July 08, 2007

Boomsticks: 1911 mods for the meathook-challenged.

For the Charter subscriber from Picayune, Mississippi who was wondering about "1911 modifications for a small hands", I would recommend three things:

#1: A short trigger. These are available from pretty much every aftermarket trigger manufacturer. I'm partial to STI, but Greider makes a nice unit if you don't want a polycarbonate trigger pad.

#2: A flat mainspring housing. I like Smith & Alexander because I like lanyard loops (which can be used to open bottles.) I've also had good luck with Ed Brown's part.

#3: Slim grips. These will require slim grip screw bushings and short screws. As an alternative, Navidrex offers coke-bottle contoured slim grips that will allow you to use the factory screws and bushings.

Et voila! A 1911 set up for the small of hand.

Avoid putting an extended slide stop on the gun. These are too easy to hit by accident with the support-side thumb while shooting, plus their increased mass can give them enough inertia to lock the slide during normal cycling. Nothing screams "teh n00b" like an extended slide stop on a 1911.


Anonymous said...

"I like lanyard loops (which can be used to open bottles.)"

See also: Tricks to influence friends and piddle-leg enemies

1894C said...

I'll second the short trigger and slim grips ideas. Although I need the arched mainspring housing or I shoot low.

I'd suggest anyone considering slim grips look at Alumagrips. They do require slim bushings and screws but the fit and comfort are first rate.

Blackwing1 said...


I'm very sorry, but this is one instance where I'll disagree with your assessment of extended slide stops. I've got them on all of my 1911's, and I've never had one of them stop the slide during normal cycling. Okay, I'm "teh Noob", and I've only been shooting them for a short while (less than 20 years), but with hands as tiny as mine, they're the only way I can safely and quickly manipulate the slide stop.

They're also the only way my wife can manipulate the slide stop on most 1911's, since they also give considerably more leverage for the thumb to use.

I've also found that the Hogue wrap-arounds make shooting with small hands much more pleasant, although they're certainly as big as the standard grips. Our Springfield MicroCompacts came with them as stock, and they index to exactly the same spot as the full-size ones do.

I respect your judgement, but this is one case where my personal experience is somewhat at odds with your expertise. I hope you don't mind a minor disagreement in the comments here.

Bob said...

No mods allowed. All 1911's must be as sealed by the Govt in 1911 or 1927 depending on whether you like the 1911 or a1 best, If JMB didnt do it its wrong, LOL that said The slide stop is not the slide release. If all you tiny people would either learn to shoot and hit with 7 rounds or muscle up and pull the slide back, push the pistol forward holding the slide you could release a slide without all the bulges on the side. I hate extended releases.

Ace said...

Thanks for the tip.

I'm looking into slimmer grips for my Springfield UltraCompact.