Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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I'd rather everybody in this country got killed by meth-crazed biker hoodlums tomorrow than continue this inanity that goes on in the name of stopping the substance. The cure is much much much much worse than the disease.

The liberties that have been taken by the government to fight meth make the darkest days of the "crack epidemic" look like the Libertarian Party platform...
Thank god that oxygen isn't used in making meth, or the damn DEA would issue an administrative ruling making it a felony to breathe.


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh. Oxygen is labeled as a carcinogenic in California.

Causes birth defects too.

Tam said...

I really wish you hadn't told me that...

Anonymous said...

When will we be forced to wear the "Nanny Diaper" all day to save our sensitive heinies?????

BobG said...

Most meth problems seem to be self-correcting; either they get shot robbing somebody, or the die of an overdose. Think of it as chlorine in the gene pool. You see a lot more old drunks around than old junkies.

Anonymous said...

Polar Pure water is a chemical water treatment used by most of the thru-hikers.


It's basically a jar of water and iodine crystals. This is just great, the fucking DEA can go after everyone on the AT.

Tracy said...

It appears that the the iodine that homebrewers use for sanitizing equipment will now be a controlled substance.
Think about it a bit further: suppose some homebrewer or chef has some of this stuff he is headed home (or to work)with, while carrying his defensive handgun as usual.
Instant felony. Right to even own guns, revoked for life.

Anonymous said...

Even if the aforementioned homebrewer is not one of those using iodophor to sanitise brewing equipment, he (or she) is likely to have tincture of iodine in order to check for conversion of the mash. (Sorry about the run on sentence.)

(n.b. All-grain homebrewers use tinvcture of iodine to learn if all of the starches have been converted into yummy sugars. Then it's time to boil and feed the yeast.)

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I'm a homebrewer. I make my own ammunition. Now all I have to do is start growing tobacco in the yard to get on the ATF trifecta list.

Anonymous said...

----------------------From: http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/fed_regs/rules/2007/fr0702.htm
Iodine crystals have also been historically used by campers to purify water...DEA, however, has identified two marketed products that contain iodine for water purification. Under this rulemaking, these products will be subject to control
So the water purification tablets that I keep in my camping gear and in our emergency packs is now illegal to purchase. Thanks for protecting me, my government. Better freaking well stock up on them before the "rule" takes effect.

Note that they haven't passed a law through any legislature, or had to pass the scrutiny (such as it is) of the lame-stream media (which wouldn't dare to question the "war on drugs")…a bunch of un-elected, appointed bureaucraps just proposed a rule in an obscure corner of the Federal Register, allowed some comments, and then are ramming it through. Zero accountability.

We're eventually going to see a second American Revolution, and this time when we re-write the Constitution, after stating that the federal government is one of limited, enumerated powers (instead of the all-encompassing monstrosity that it's become) we're going to add, "And we really MEAN it".

Anonymous said...

"Tell me about it. I'm a homebrewer. I make my own ammunition. Now all I have to do is start growing tobacco in the yard to get on the ATF trifecta list."

That's simultaneously the funniest and saddest thing I've read in a while.


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm an instant felon. In the event of exposure to a "dirty bomb" or other nuclear accident, the FDA recommends 130 mg of potassium iodide per person per day for 10 days AFTER there is no new exposure. Do the math; 130 mg/day X 10+ days X 4 people in a family.

I wonder what the Public Health department will recommend now ?