Monday, September 03, 2007

Boomsticks:, musket?

Kids watching a re-enactment at George Rogers Park near Dayton, Ohio got a twofer on Sunday: A history lesson, and a graphic gun safety demonstration.

One of the reenactors suffered severe burns when sparks flying from the pan of his musket ignited the charges in the ammunition pouch hanging over his shoulder. Spare charges for a musket are stored as a ball and loose powder wrapped in a twist of paper, and a spark landing in the cartridge box or pouch would easily set them alight. If the reenactor had closed the flap on his pouch safely, then it was indeed a freak accident. If he hadn't, well, he just got himself a reminder for next time...

As the old joke goes: "Here is safety lecture: Is gun. Is not safe. End of safety lecture."


Anonymous said...

I'll guess it was George Rogers *Clark* Park. zOMG, the re-enactor was impersonating an Indian, thereby perpetuating the "Polish strategy" applied to some pretty effective light infantry who only lacked their own gunsmiths (and yet brought Winchesters to Little Big Horn)...

Funston to Aguinaldo: "Your problem is, you don't know what this is" (tapping hoopsight on Krag).
Aquinaldo: "Well, what is it?"

Anonymous said...

That joke reminds me of another oldie but goodie:

Isn't that dangerous?

If it wasn't dangerous I wouldn't carry the sumbitch.