Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007: The Year In Snark.

A retrospective look at The Year That Was is such a gimme that every broadcast and print outlet does it in January in lieu of generating new content. This gives writers and editors a chance to sleep off their New Year's hangovers and still get a finished product out.

Not one to miss a trick, I give you my no-brainer look back at the last 365 days of mockery here at VFTP:

In January we showed a surprising lack of tact or sympathy for bridge jumpers and their accidental audience in "It's Raining Men". February was the month of the Great Presidents' Day Massacree; my most-linked contribution to the Jim Zumbo Auto de Fe & Weenie Roast was "Can Open. Worms Everywhere." In March, the Evel Knievel bus incident in Atlanta triggered a rant on "The bubble-wrapped life."

Any month where you can use the line "Amazing how many tales of Kennedy heroism involve wrecking your vehicle and swimming for help," as well as make fun of a sordid tale of sex and drugs and double-wides is a good month, and April was good. The fifth month had My reaction to the Frog reaction to the Sarkozy win, as well as the phrase "self-immolating neolithic goatherds". In June, I made fun of R2D2, Knoxville's Robot Redlight Revenooer, because he was a screwup.

"It's a thing of beauty..." made me laugh in July, while August's yuk-fest was thanks to the lefties and their desire to form a union for bloggers. In September I patted myself on the back for my Clinton health care spoof "I want my, I want my, I want my docs for free," and nobody linked. Ya ungrateful bastiges, do you have any idea how hard it was to work "Noam Chomsky" into those lyrics?

October was full of juggling chainsaws and steer rasslin'. In November, I pondered on The Last Temptation Of Mohammed. I thought the ultimate post of the ultimate month of '07 was "Leave It To Beaver?" but Technorati says it's "The Internet, much like Soylent Green, is people."

You know something? With all that searching and pasting and linking and reading, it would have been easier to write something fresh. I think I'll do that.


Carteach said...


I owe you one , or maybe three.
Reading your blog was what encouraged me to start my own.

Since then, I am getting to know more, and better, people than I ever have before.

In at least one very special aspect the experience with bloogging encouraged by you has changed my life... a lot.....

You can add that to your list of things accomplished this year.

Thank you.

Welshman said...

I beg your pardon, Tam, but I most certainly DID link to your spoof of Hillarycare back in September on The Liberty Sphere's Second Amendment News Roundup!

The fact that you were not paying attention in no way means it was not done.


Digital Falcon said...

I too linked to your spoof of Hillary care. Now I realize that a link on my page is close to no link at all, but it was there.

Kevin said...

Thank you kindly for re-linking to one of my posts! Bless you, m'am!