Monday, July 14, 2008

A Cult of Split Personality.

In a meeting with the editorial board of the Indy Star, Jesse Jackson was quoted as saying "I'm a fervent supporter of the Barack campaign, both the messenger and the message..."

It would take a smartass with a lot more self-restraint than I have to not retort "Yeah, but which message and which messenger?" This cat's got more faces than Eve, and more positions than the Kama Sutra.

Jesus wept, you half expect interviews with the Democratic candidate to begin with the question "And which Barack are we talking with today?" like something out of Sybil.


staghounds said...

Are you talking about his cousin Sybil? Because if you are, you ad better be CAREFUL...

Shrugged says: said...

Must be in the air. I just posted on BHO myself.....

He's an eel..... no history, nothing to hang on to, slippery as hell, and slithers every way at the same time.
He talks and talks.... but says nothing while appearing to say everything some people want to hear.

It's either frightening, or shameful, depending on which side of the stage you look at.

THIS is the best candidate to be found?